Can I apply for financial assistance with my same-sex spouse?

Yes, if you are legally married, you and your spouse will be able to apply jointly for financial assistance through the Marketplace in your state. This is true no matter what state you live in, as long as you are legally married in some state, or in another country.

Financial assistance is calculated based on your federal tax filing, so how much assistance you and your spouse are eligible for depends on how you file your federal income taxes. For information about filing your federal income taxes with your same-sex spouse, see this resource. For an estimate of what you might be eligible for, check out this online calculator. When you’re ready, make sure you read these tips on how to get covered today!

As you compare plans through your Marketplace, look for plans that cover you and your spouse together. This will depend on how the plan defines a “family.” You can usually find this information by looking at the detailed plan documents available on your Marketplace website (these are often called a “Certificate of Coverage” or an “Evidence of Coverage”). If the plan won’t cover you and your spouse together, you may be able to enroll as individuals.

FYI – There are different rules regarding eligibility for Medicaid coverage – your state Medicaid office can guide you through the eligibility requirements in your state.