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Looking for health insurance for 2023 through We’ve got you covered! Out2Enroll reviewed silver marketplace plan options in 33 states and found that 1) the vast majority of insurers did not use transgender-specific exclusions and 2) more than half (51%) of plans had language indicating that all or some medically necessary transition-related care would be covered by the plan.

To help you understand your options, we’ve created new state-specific Transgender Health Insurance Guides and encourage you to make an appointment with an LGBTQ-friendly expert who can help you enroll for free. Don’t forget that 4 of 5 people can find a plan with a monthly premium of $10 or less. Head to to see if you qualify for savings!

You can see more detailed information for each plan by checking your state’s materials here, and a summary of all reviewed plans is available here.

Guides and comprehensive plan information are currently available for:

If your coverage is denied, appeal with your health insurer – visit If you face discrimination by an insurer or health provider, file a complaint with your state insurance department or contact a legal organization at

DISCLAIMER: The information in each Transgender Health Insurance Guide only applies to transgender exclusions. These ratings were compiled by Out2Enroll through a review of silver marketplace plans only. We believe that this information will be the same for bronze, gold, and platinum plans but encourage you to check your plan options to confirm. Out2Enroll did not contact insurance companies to verify this information. In addition, plans may have other exclusions (such as cosmetic exclusions) that may impact your coverage so you should carefully review each plan to ensure it meets your needs. Not all insurers offer coverage in all areas of the state so carefully review the options in your area.

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