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Bi+ and looking for health insurance?

It has never been more important to make sure that bi+ people – and their family and friends – have the health insurance they need. Why?


Because bi+ people are more likely to be uninsured than LGB people. In 2017, bisexual people had a higher level of uninsurance (19 percent) than gay men (6 percent) and lesbians (4 percent). This rate is more than double that of the non-LGBT population – the overall uninsurance rate for all Americans at this time was only 8.6 percent.

On top of that, members of the bi+ community often face stigma and isolation, which leads or contributes to:

  • Bisexual women reporting worse outcomes in both physical and mental health than their lesbian or straight peers;
  • Bisexual men reporting worse mental health outcomes than straight men; and
  • Higher poverty rates than straight or lesbian/gay peers.

We can fix this. But it’s on us as a community to take pride in our health and the health of our family and friends.

Don’t be a statistic! Enroll today.

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